DXN Ganocelium GL 90 Capsule

DXN Ganocelium GL 90 Capsule

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GL It consists of:


Organic germanium



Amino Acids

·         It supplies a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals to our body. It serves as a brain tonic, oxygen supplier and provides the basis for body growth.

·          Through its polysaccharide content, GL effectively prevents growth of abnormal cells and controls their spread.

·          Helps in strengthening the body immune system.

·          Reduces sugar level in blood and revives pancreas function & Discharges water-soluble toxins.

·          Through Organic Germanium

·         It increases oxygen supply to blood circulation

·         It revives cell tissues by increasing oxygen supply to body oxygen

·          fatigue

·         Cleanses blood

·         Serves as a brain tonic and stabilizes the nervous system

·         Stabilizes blood pressure

·         stabilizes electrical function in the body & It eliminates water soluble toxins.

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